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High-Flying Hens


"Lisa seemed to know exactly when to step in and quietly help after we'd had time to try things ourselves - mainly thinking of the trapeze! It was the perfect mix of activities for us.  Genuinely inspired a few of us to take up juggling (was very therapeutic!)."


Emily - hen party

For those who dare!

The most challenging hen party activity - but don't let that put you off!  With the right attitude you can achieve absolutely anything and Lisa has 20 years experience enabling students to achieve what they thought was the impossible.

Classes start with a warm up and then a range of apparatus is introduced, including silks, hoop or trapeze.  The aerial activities can be interspersed with juggling or some gentle partner acrobatics to give your arms a bit of a rest if needed. The focus will be discussed before booking.

It is recommended you wear close fitting clothes that will not flip up when you go upside down (!!) and something that covers the back of your knees and midriff.

This is the one hen party where you will not learn a routine - but possibly discover a passion for a new skill and find the sawdust running through your veins for a lifetime.

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